Hi there! Thanks for visiting my website. My name is Sol Pandiella-McLeod, and you've just stumbled or perhaps even intentionally arrived at my website.

I’m a designer by trade and artist at heart. My creativity didn’t just emerge when I commenced my education but began to develop the minute my hands were able to pick up a coloured pencil. My interests as a child revolved around drawing, oil painting, creating my own typefaces, zines and kids books. Whilst most children attended Saturday ballet lessons and sporting events I got high on turpentine and oil paints.

I’ve been working as a designer for the past 20+ years in agencies, consultancies and design studios. My design experience spans across a broad range of digital media technologies including: most social media channels, E-newsletter campaigns, websites (responsive,CMS, static, demos), blogging, web applications, banner advertisements, promotional animations, intranets, iPad and mobile applications and a bunch of complex applications that make my head combust at the end of the day in a good way.

My design philosophy is driven by user centered design methodologies, that combine design thinking, systems thinking, brand strategy, lean ux and agile methodologies. The 'user' has always been at the centre of everything that I've ever created; even before I was aware of the now mainstreams labels of UX and HCD.

I have an insatiable hunger for technology, design and digital culture. It’s a pastime that actually flows into my work. I read branding and design books for fun and I create iPhone & iPad apps in my spare time because I have a compulsive need to create and see my ideas come to life.

Part of me yearns to be immortal, just so that I can see the places that technology will take us, but for now I'll keep an eye on where AI is going and live life gratefully because I have found my calling in life and get paid for it.